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Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)
Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)
Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)
Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)
Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)
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Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)

Happy Hour Hangover Patch (30-Day Supply)
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Happy Hour (Formerly Hangover Patch)


Happy Hour Hangover Patch by PatchMD

Our Happy Hour Hangover Patch is designed to prevent some of the unwanted side effects of drinking so that you look and feel your best the next day. Despite our concerted efforts to drink responsibly, it’s common to go overboard and end up having a little more than you originally intended to. Many of us do not even understand the impact such a move can have on our mental and physical health. Whether it is a glass of wine or something stronger, consuming more than what you can handle can leave you dizzy and in a bad state. Many of us do not realize the mistake until we wake up in the morning with a heavy head. This is a common problem and we’re here with a solution. While it’s important to be responsible when partying or enjoying yourself, you can’t deny the benefits of a hangover patch, a topical patch made to help you feel better right away so you can start your day feeling fresh and energetic.

Our happy hour hangover patch has great benefits:

  • May help prevent hangovers before they start
  • Contains natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs
  • Use one hangover patch daily (or nightly before bed)
  • No pills to swallow or ineffective tonics
  • Zero calories!
  • Safe, easy, and convenient to use after a big night on the town
  • Win tomorrow by preparing in advance!

What Does Our Happy Hour Patch Do?

The Happy Hour Hangover Prevention Topical Patch helps to minimize the effects of alcohol. It can prevent hangovers before they start. It contains zero calories and does not need to be swallowed. The patch works to reduce the symptoms of a hangover by balancing the sudden increase of toxins in your body. Our patch contains no harmful elements and is very safe to use.

What Does the PatchMD Happy Hour Hangover Prevention Patch Contain?

Let’s talk about how our patches work! They contain a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and PMD complex. They offer high doses of vitamins – C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. These vitamins rebalance your nutrient levels and leave you feeling revitalized. The unique PMD complex provides additional nutrients that can be beneficial for hangover symptoms, including milk thistle extract, ginger root extract, taurine, pantethine, choline, and prickly pear extract. Here’s a little more about some of the main components of the PatchMD Hangover Plus:


Taurine is an amino acid that improves metabolism and increases alertness. It's also linked to improved health and minimizes the risk of liver damage due to alcohol consumption. It counteracts the fat built up in the liver and is known to help the mind relax after a night out. According to some reports, it also controls blood sugar levels and keeps the digestive system in check.


Curcumin is called a 'golden' hangover cure due to its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. This super herb reduces the physical and mental effects of a hangover while also protecting the body against the toxins released due to alcohol consumption. It’s said to be good for liver health and is known to work very fast.

Who Is This Patch For?

Our patches are suitable for those who drink on a regular basis. So, if you know that you have a big night coming up or if you regularly take work clients out for drinks, then a hangover patch may help you recover more quickly and wake up refreshed the next day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Rachel Ab
Never arrived and company non responsive

It must have been delivered to a wrong address because they never appeared at my house. Company still hasn’t responded to me


Never delivered! Tried to contact the company like 5 times no response. No tracking info nothing

Janah Del Gatto
Perfect for a Fun Night Out

My friends and I have used these on multiple occasions. We start with one and as the night progresses, might ad on to that. I use at least 2 in a night. The only thing I don't like is my last pack came with the patches attached to the paper backing, not the thin plastic. They are impossible to get off and I wasted an entire sleeve of patches because we couldn't unpeel them.

Erin K
14 days later and order hasn't left LA

It was amusing to get a request to write a review for a product they claim 'was fulfilled 14 days ago'. After paying for shipping the order hasn't left LA yet. Very poor service.


I, also, was a little skeptical but these thing work 100%.
Highly recommend!

Happy Hour Hangover Patch / Supplement Facts / Ingredients
Hangover Patch Ingredients

Customer Reviews

This patch is great. Prevents me from having to chew or swallow my daily multivitamin. It is a must for me, every day! All blood work is great.


I use these patches daily right next to my Iron patch to help with absorption. I have been anemic for many years and my levels are now normal. Highly recommend!


I love taking Lysine when I feel anything coming on and my family swears by Lysine and Zinc to fend off the nasty seasonal bugs. So happy I don't have to swallow 2-3 pills but get this dripped all day.


These omega 3 patches are the real deal! I love omega 3 (particularly krill oil) and these patches are a much more convenient and far less burpy way to get the nutrition that I need. Thank you PatchMD!!